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Monday, January 28, 2013

Earn money through your talents

   Everyday you would be searching for new opportunities in online for earning few amount to collect in your wallet. Today I have to share what I am doing in online  to earn a few cents to dollars through this internet. I promise it needs no investment for you to pay anyone to get your payment. Only you have to work. For this reason, I had named it as 'earning through your talents'.

  You can be a great writer, painter, photographer, or a good humorist and many more talents would be hidden inside you. Don't worry you could make it as money if you properly channel it and show it to various people.

  You need not to go anywhere to find the place to sell your talent. There are sites which helps you to earn more with the talents you have and just imagine you can earn even 100$ for a month and more if you and your talent get more and more buyers and reputations.

  In that I like only two sites which I wish to share with you here. I like apsense in selling our talents. It is the best place to sell our talent and also you could promote it in that site and get more viewers. This is a good site for building your business network.  I have posted few talents there and still waiting for someone to use my talent.

  Another site is Fiverr. You could find more people are selling their talents and many buyers are searching for the talents for their work. You could use their platform to earn few money with your talents. It is good way as you could earn a bulk amount by selling more jobs for the buyers.

  You have to be creative in these sites to sell your talent which I would share in the next post.

Happy earning!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Arrow shop in Zazzle

   After started to work in Zazzle store, I started to like it much. I have built a few products using my imagination and later started to share it to my friends. I got positive reviews from them which encourages me more and more to work. I named my shop as "Arrow shop" (have a look).

    I started to share it in online to my online friends too. Now this post is to share about my shop here. First I started with using flowers which is present only in Himalayas. More people will love the flowers and from Himalayas. Champa mug expresso cup is my first creation. It will be a good gift for this Valentine's day.

  Later I started to post my own works. Yes it will be my creativity or my photos which I shot in my travels to various places in India. In that I have posted my photo in a tour to Delhi. It is a view in the garden in Qutub Minar in the canvas. It would be a good decoration in your room. Qutub Minar - Special Canvas.

   I recommend this site much as you would get good royalty for your work. You could decide the percentage of royalty for your work. After getting referrals you could earn from them. It is about 30% of earning from what they earn. Just a double dhamaka earning from your single store.

 I am so pleased if you visit my Arrow shop and give review about my shop.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Indian site for earning

      Lately when I was dusting my old books I found an old diary having details of earning sites which I had written three years before. Yes just think it is about three years ago, I started to earn in online and had noted down those legit sites in a small notebook. Well, while browsing through the diary I found that many sites are not alive today. This is a bitter truth that most sites in online wont run for a long. Only a few sites would run for long with good planning. I found one such site for Indians which is still alive and running successfully in online.

     I wish to share about this site to you. If you are an Indian you could use this site in many ways. The site name is

    Here are the features in this site.
  1. Free SMS: Through this site you could send message to any mobile number and it is totally free. I know many sites give this feature but it has many other features which I have added below.
  2. Coupons: Use the coupons they give to the popular sites like Expedia, Zovi and many other Indian sites. Cool huh?!
  3. Paid mails: When you sign in this site you will get paid mails now and then. On opening the link of those paid mails from advertisers you will get payment which will be added in your wallet.
  4. Rewardmail Inbox: It is new to this site. The inbox in the site has links which on opening would be added as 'miles' or 'sweepstakes'. These can be redeemed as money later to the wallet.
  5. Referral earning: When you start to build network under you will get paid when they join under you and also there is a percentage for what they earn money. Youmint gives earning for two tier referrals. Happy na!!
  6. Free stuffs: Other than these opportunities of earning you can get free wallpapers, tones and other things related to your mobile. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Revealing the Creative work

  As I said in earlier post what I like to work recently with my creativity and to earn money using it, now I thought of revealing it here. Yes it is here!  You may wonder how it is possible to earn through creativity. But it is present in truth.

 It is Yes I just said its name here. I would explain you how exactly it works for you. This site is Canada based one and they are making many goods for the USA people. In those goods we can draw or paint or post our pictures imposing our creativity in it and makes it to be attractive to the buyers. Whatever you draw or input should be your work. It is the best way to avoid future inconveniences if you have taken someone's work for your project. Even if you get the photos in internet add your work in it to make it some other design to reach people.

For every work you make in this site in any products you will be rewarded with royalty and you could decide the percentage of royalty you needed for your work. Just simple!

Now you don't waste pictures you have taken during your travel or picnic. Add some colors and creativity and make it as a good picture. So that it would fetch you money.

I feel this would be good way in earning money in online. It has some of our work to get our royalty. Also we never want to run behind cents like in some PTC sites and have to cross finger till we get our payment. Zazzle is a legit site to get our payment for sure.

The minimum payout is 50$ and you can set it to 100$ too. Payment is through Paypal and Check is available. When the threshold level is reached you have to wait for a month and the next month around 15th of date it will be payed to you.

Just an easy work you may feel.  I have created my site named Arrow Shop and made few products. If you are interested you can join under me as referral through this link - referral link.

Hope this will help you to earn in online! Happy earning!

make custom gifts at Zazzle

It is my shop Flash panel.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creative work

    Lately when I am searching a new program to earn money in online, I came across many programs. I never want to investigate or experiment in new programs. I have very limited time to spend in online. Hence I decided to work only in the program which are legit and paying.

    I need some more interesting things around in online beyond those boring Facebook games, many times played songs. I am just craving for something creative around the world which would fetch me some money too. I knew I am not so creative as like big gurus out there in this internet world. But I want to prove myself, I can be creative in some way.

    To quench my thirst to be creative and to get credits for my work, I found this interesting site. I knew it is legit. It is not my experiment, I found the truth for about a year before but never want to try this site because of my less time in online. Now I find no other sites interesting like just clicking and viewing.

   The site is from Canada and it is online selling site. Oh Please! Never think it is what we have to sell our own goods. I have already said it is something related to our creative. This site would sell the products but with our designs. Now you understand me? Yes! They will allow us to create our own designs in the products they have listed. We get royalty in turn from them when that product is sold in US markets. I feel it is so simple way to get our earnings there with our work of creativity.

   If you are wish to be a creator with your colors of imagination then it would be the right place for you to show yourselves and earn royalty for your work.

  I have just joined this program and sooner would reveal the site to you in my next post.